Someth;ng Commercial Services Something develop concepts that exploit the potential of interactive media. Something generate new experiences and engage with audiences in unique and creative ways. Something are leading the way in providing innovative and radical solutions.

Our expertise enables us to provide a specialist service that can disseminate the broad and wide ranging field of interactive media to provide innovative solutions that engage audiences. We aim to take a radical approach that pushes the boundaries of technology resulting in exciting and unique outcomes.

What we do
We deliver innovative concepts and solutions. Our methodology takes a user-centred approach with a focus on:

* research and development
* concept testing and evaluation
* evidencing of future products and services
* prototyping.

We are able create compelling experiences across various mediums and genres including mobile devices, games, installations, education, online.

Who we are
An international group of experienced creatives and technologists based in London, UK.
To contact us email: info@somethingonline.org