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At a time when portability and ubiquity are a must for any communication device, mobile phones are the main communication devices of our everyday life. Bluetooth technology, not sufficiently ex

ploited yet, has enhanced this portability even more and thanks to it mobile phones are becoming more and more integrated onto our private personal space. Nowadays, we don't need to hold the phone in our hand anymore, the Bluetooth headset and voice recognition systems implemented in many phones permits us to talk to the phone, tell it to call any person in our phonebook or answer the phone and keep a conversation while we have our both hands busy with other things.

All this technological progress is changing our relationships with our tools, especially the phone. Mobile phones are starting to become physical parts of us. We are becoming communication cyborgs.

The mobile pleasure unit is a product that pushes forward the relationship we have with the mobile phone. m.pleasure is a device that works together with a Bluetooth enabled phone. It is wearable, but to the extreme of being directly attached to the most sensitive areas of our body. Its intention is to translate an ethereal digital message into something physical, letting us feel the communication.

m.pleasure is also a critical approach to how we have sacrificed our personal relations for the benefit of technology. Be it for the shield that a phone or a computer screen provides, or for the communicative commoditisation of technological progress, it is obvious that face-to-face, hand-in-hand, personal relations are being pushed aside to let the distant and ever less physical communication take over.

As in every relationship, with the m.pleasure there will be a giver and a receiver. m.pleasure favours those who prefer the security that distance and secrecy provides. The giver is totally safe, acting from their almost virtual position and sending messages to whomever they choose. The act of sending a message, however, becomes an altruist act of pleasing people.

The Receiver is placed in a completely complementary role. By connecting the m.pleasure to their body, they are rendered vulnerable and open to let technology act upon them. Receiving becomes an egotistical and carnal act of experiencing physical pleased.

The technology behind the m.pleasure already exists in the open market. Nothing but the application of the technology itself is new. And, strictly speaking, not even that is , because what do we use technology for if not pleasure?

Current status:

In September 2004 the m.pleasure was shown for the first time at the ARS Electronica festival. We developed a prototype of the device based in a vibrating massage experience that we called inTouch which visitors could try out. The positive and constructive feedback received at this event will guide the next stages of development.